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Our pupils have been inventing the future

Senior Competition

On Tuesday our finalists presented their inventions for a future technology that doesn't yet exist; they have been encouraged to dream up new developments that they believe could be developed by 2035.

The second placed team "Blue Tooth" invented an amazing new dental implant that will detect the health of the user and the foods that they are eating to recommend and monitor diet. The processing would be carried out by supercomputers using AI in the cloud. The information would be displayed on a smartphone App giving them opportunities to monetise the implant with in-app purchases.

The winning team "AA Battery" - Alexandra and Alice - invented Nano Pixel makeup, an immensely versatile type of electronically controlled makeup which is applied in a simple single layer and is then able to change colour and transparency. The team produced an incredibly detailed design report with technical specifications, as well as details of how their invention could have psychological and medical benefits. Here is a link to their presentation: AA Battery's presentation outlining their idea, which was accompanied by a comprehensive technical document.

All of our judges were highly impressed. Our guest judge Tony Wills, Commercial Director for Principal our print solutions partner, expressed his amazement at the quality and complexity of all the pupils' work. The pupils themselves said they thoroughly enjoyed being encouraged to think about their future world, and work completely independently. Principal funded the purchase of prizes - each member of the top two teams was given the choice of a remote controlled quad-copter drone or an Amazon Echo Dot.

I hope to run a similar competition next year and will be searching for prize sponsors, so if any parents have companies that would be able to sponsor the event please email me with their details:

Written by Mr Webb

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