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Year 2 release their butterflies

Prep Event

With a lot of joy, tinged with a little sadness, Mrs Booth, Mrs Crisp and the Year 2 pupils released their butterflies into the open today.

The children have really enjoyed watching the ten tiny caterpillars which arrived four weeks ago develop into eight fully grown butterflies. The first of the butterflies emerged from its chrysalis on Friday, and three or four had emerged by the time the children went home on Friday.

The children were excited to release their painted lady butterflies during the warmest part of the day, as per the instructions, and were very sensible as they were keen for as many of the butterflies to land on them before flying away. Their calmness was rewarded when one of the butterflies spent a considerably length of time on Sophia's shoe and another on Chloe's branch!

The children have learnt lots about butterflies. Zaki commented, "My favourite part was when the butterflies emerged from their chrysalis on Friday", Krish loved their colourful wings and Chloe said that she loved setting them free.

The Year 2 pupils are looking forward to continuing their study of butterflies throughout this week, including drawing and studying the lifecycle of a butterfly.

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