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Year 6 - Come Dine With Me

Prep Event

Come Dine With Me is an event where Year 6 cook and serve dinner for our guests. It was an amazing experience which taught and gave me many new skills.  I was very excited at the whole aspect of staying at school and had looked forward to it for the whole year.

My role as waiter/waitress
As soon as we came in we laid the tables and put out the cutlery and glasses in a fancy manner, and put out name tags for our guests. We escorted our guests to their tables. Many visitors came, including parents, staff and governors. The cooks gave us the plates and we served table by table and we cleared them away after our guests had eaten. I liked being a waitress a lot.

My role as cook
We had fun cooking but it was quite tiring. I was the chopper. I had to chop a mountain of vegetables and let me tell you I thought my hand would fall off by the end of it! I am proud to say that I was part of preparing the delicious dessert. We worked very hard on the meal and at the end we had some very lovely comments. I loved being a cook.

The pupils wrote that they new skills from the evenings, including perseverance, patience, self-belief and teamwork.

There were so many lovely quotes from the Year 6 pupils, with a few of the highlights below:

Lucy wrote, "I have grown in confidence by delivering a speech. I was nervous but happy."
Grace particularly enjoyed the reversal of roles, "I felt really proud and confident serving food to my parents - when usually it is the other way round!"
Michael says, "It was an honour to share my school memories with everyone"
The evening was summed up perfectly by Niharika, "The task at first seemed daunting - but we succeeded! And the evening was amazing!"
Charlene is pleased that this has become a traditional activity for our Year 6 pupils, "I think it is a great activity for every year as it brings you closer to your friends and classmates."

Mrs Fleming was thrilled with the Come Dine With Me events, "They were such happy evenings and I felt extremely proud of all of Year 6 as they cooked, served and delivered their speeches with superb confidence."


Compiled entirely from Year 6's written work about their experiences at the Come Dine With Me events

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