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Year 7 History

Senior Homework

In History, we were challenged to create a model of either a gargoyle or a stained glass window over a period of two weeks.

This task was set as we are currently studying medieval cathedrals and their various features, of which stained glass windows and gargoyles are two fundamental characteristics.

When the projects were brought into school, there was a range of different interpretations, from colourful cakes to marvellous models. It was stunning to see all of the effort everyone had put in.

We looked at each project in turn, and rated each one (in an encouraging manner). Finally, we got to celebrate our hard work by having a mini feast of the scrumptious cakes and biscuits. 

Overall, this was a terrific experience and I can't wait to an opportunity similar to this to happen again!


Written by Emily and Katherine, Year 7 English, Humanities and Languages scholars

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