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Prep Science

On Wednesday, Reception class started their new science topic: FROZEN!

The pupils looked on excitedly as Mrs Robinson used her new wand to freeze three figures inside large blocks of ice. The class then discussed how they could rescue the figures quickly and safely. There were some great suggestions such as using a microwave or oven. Someone even suggested putting them on the radiators, but Mrs Robinson said she didn’t want puddles on her new carpet!

Split into three groups, the children discussed their rescue tactics before starting on operation "Get me out of here!" The teams predicted how long it would take to complete the task. Pupils started to explore the idea of a fair test and agreed it would be unfair for two groups to work in the cold outside and one group in the conservatory where it was much warmer.

After the figures were successfully rescued, the pupils then set about designing and making their own ice palaces to go with their castle stories.

A fun and exciting time was had by all!

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