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Baylab in the UK

Sixth Form Trip

Bayer has opened its first Baylab in the UK.

Based in the beautiful waterside setting of Green Park, Reading, this free laboratory for schools offers state of the art equipment, intriguing experiments, and the chance to use innovative ideas to solve tasks and develop solutions. Covering Key Stages 2 to 5, it complements what the students learn at school and enables them to make their own unique discoveries.

Mr Leese took year 13 Biology students to the lab to take part in a 5 hour (!) practical based on the students' own DNA. The culmination of the day resulted in an electrophoresis gel being produced which showed their own DNA fingerprint for a certain gene. Students enjoyed the unique experience immensely as it gave them the opportunity to use very expensive lab equipment and to experience the work of research scientists.

Many thanks should go to Baylab Manager - Emma Schierbaum – who coordinated and organised the event.


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