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Year 2 - Great Fire of London

Prep Event

There was a lot of excitement in Year 2 this afternoon as the children's history lesson blazed into life.

The Year 2 pupils watched in wonder as the Pudding Lane they have built was razed to the ground, just as the real Pudding Lane had done in 1666.

The children were able to tell Mrs Hope and Mr Colpus about the exact date and time the Great Fire of London had started in Thomas Farriner's baker's shop, how the buildings would have looked on each of the days of the great fire and numerous other facts and figures they had learnt. They eagerly recounted how the Londoners at the time had tried to put out the fire using water guns and leather buckets whilst the fire continued to burn.

The pupils loved watching the "big flames" and "how long my house took to burn to the ground!"

Combined with the non-uniform day in the Prep School today for the Christmas Fayre, it really has been a magical day. This was summed up perfectly by Alex in Year 2 when he turned to Mrs Booth and said, "This is the best day ever!"

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