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Year 9 Teambuilding Trip to Path Hill

Senior Trips

From Thursday morning to Friday afternoon last week, Year 9 went on a camping trip to Path Hill Outdoors in Whitchurch. This was a great opportunity to spend some time together away from the classroom as well getting to know the new students in the year group better.

We were very fortunate to have sunshine for most of the two days (there was a bit of rain on Friday but it didn’t dampen the mood).

I particularly enjoyed the long activity on Friday; we had to use the teamwork skills we’d learned the previous day (such as blindfolded navigation and lighting fires) to carry all the logs and ropes we needed down the hill to the river to build a raft. We built the raft by tying the logs together and we had to sail across the river to collect two barrels that had our lunches and treats in them. Fortunately, very few people fell in! We then had to carry everything back up the very steep and very muddy hill, make a fire and make hot chocolate, all in under 3 hours! Of course, we had guidance from the Path Hill staff, but it was tough nonetheless.

Many thanks to all the St Joseph’s teachers and the staff at Path Hill, who included former St Joseph’s PE teacher Mr Evans, for coordinating the trip. It was great fun, even though we didn’t get much sleep (thanks to the teachers for putting up with us)!

Written by Aidan, Year 9 English, Humanities and Languages Scholar

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