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Holiday Club FAQ

Holiday Club FAQ

Here you will find answers to the questions most frequently asked about Holiday Club. If your question is not answered here, please contact us via

What do children need to wear?

Your child needs to be in comfortable but suitable clothing for physical activities including going outside, even in cold weather. If it is raining we may still try and give the children some time to play outside so it is helpful if they have suitable attire.

What should my child bring?

Your child will need a water bottle, which can be refilled on site. No food or drink is necessary as lunch and snacks will be provided by our catering team.

If your child is doing swimming a hat is essential, as children will not be allowed in the pool without this.

Will children need a change of clothes?

It is not required however it will be useful if it was wet and muddy outside to bring a spare pair of socks.

What is half a day?

An AM session is from 8.00am to 1.00pm with a hot snack and lunch provided.

A PM session is from 12.00pm to 6.00pm with a hot lunch and snack provided.

When is swimming?

Swimming is everyday, usually from 2.00pm until 3.30pm.

My child is young and can only swim a bit – will he/she be able to swim and how will you keep him/her  safe?

Our pool accommodates both children who can swim in the deep end and beginners who like to be in the shallow end.

All children are supervised by a lifeguard and other members of staff in and out of the pool.

If your child normally uses any form of flotation aids please confirm this when completing a mandatory swimming consent form.

How many breaks do the children have?

We have one snack break at 10.00am, lunch at 12.00pm and our last snack break at 4.00pm.

What is the booking deadline for the Holiday Club?

Bookings can be made the day before. However please note we work to a child to staff ratio where we may be unable to accommodate your child.

What if my child requires medication whilst at the club?

St Joseph's College Holiday Club can only administer prescribed medication. Please ensure you hand any medication required to a member of staff, with permission to administer this via our medicine form.

What happens if someone else needs to pick up my child?

Staff will only release children to their parents and guardians, if someone else is collecting please let a staff member know. This will be verified through confirmation of ID or by providing a password to us and to the person that is collecting the child.

How do I drop/collect my child?

We will be situated in the College Hall, where you can come in, sign in your child and see what is expected on the day. With regards to collection, you can collect your child at any time you like. Parents will also have to sign their child out.

Can I pick them up at any time?

You may drop and pick up at any time within your booked session.

How will I know where my child is if I drop/collect him at different times?

In the College Hall our notice boards will have the information of what we are doing on the day, what times and where.

What is the child to staff ratio?

Our child to staff ratio is 10:1.

Is my child allowed to bring the own phone or electronic devices?

Mobile phones should be signed in with a member of staff on arrival at Holiday Club, and will be returned when your child is collected.

Do you allow children to bring nuts in their packed lunches?

No. The school is nut and seed free due to allergies.

My child has a food intolerance/food allergy what do I need to do?

If your child has any allergies please reconfirm these to the staff. They will have this information from your booking but may have more questions.

Where can I give feedback about the holiday club?

What happens if my child is upset when I drop them off?

If your child becomes upset or ill for any reason, the staff will monitor and do everything possible to make their experience with us more enjoyable. If it is not possible for staff to console your child or they require any form of medical attention the Holiday Club leader of the day will contact you on the phone numbers you have provided.