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Sixth Form curriculum

Sixth Form curriculum

The Sixth Form at St Joseph’s gives every student an opportunity to shine. Positions of leadership, new responsibilities and a range of extra-curricular and cultural activities foster confidence and a growing sense of independence.

Students are expected to plan and execute their work with more autonomy, using the study rooms in the Sixth Form Centre outside of lessons. Class sizes are small, allowing everyone to receive individual attention and to be involved in discussion and debate.


It is also important that the Sixth Form prepares students for life at university. They play a part in the smooth running of the school, from mentoring Year 7 students to organising House activities. There is an inclusive Prefect system to develop leadership skills, and activities including offsite courses, conferences and national competitions such as Young Enterprise.

The current Sixth Form information booklet can be downloaded here: Sixth Form information booklet


In the Sixth Form pupils continue to achieve well. They work hard to achieve good levels of knowledge, understanding and skills in their chosen subjects

ISI Inspection Report 2014

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